Financial Ombudsman complaint

Appeal to financial ombudsman will help to solve disputes between you and the bank:

  • At restructuring of the debt due to credit contract;
  • At illegal percent charges applied upon your credit amount;
  • In case of complaints against collectors’ actions;
  • In case if the bank levies commissions for running credit’s accounting;
  • If the bank demands to return the credit ahead of schedule;
  • In case if funds have been stolen from your banking card.

Public Reconciler at financial market

Public Reconciler at financial market (financial ombudsman) – is an extrajudicial body of settlement of disputes, which crop up between financial organizations and their clients –physical entities.

Examination of disputes is free of charge. Applying to the ombudsman does not prevent the parties from applying to the court, but during the period of scrutiny of the argumentation the physical entity undertakes obligation not to recourse to judicial procedures.

Ombudsman and his Secretariat staff inform the Applicant of his/her rights and obligations in connection with the raised claims (requests) and provide recommendations on the forms of settlement of the dispute.