Duties in Charge of Banks

The growth rates of the credit card market are reducing. Is it a natural process or is it caused solely by tightening policy of the Central Bank with respect to credit risk?

Дмитрий  Dmitry Yurin
Deputy CEO, MDM Bank
There are two objective reasons: the customers became more modest in their approach to the issue of spending money, thereby reducing the growth rate of demand for credit cards, and banks are tightening their lending policies and as a consequence the percentage of refusals to issue credit products is growing. That is,both sides are now trying to beon the safe side.
Андрей  Andrey Maltsev
Deputy CEO, Norde Bank
The reduction in credit growth, including credit cards, is influenced by several factors: it is restraining policy of the regulator, which resulted in banks to adhere to strict frame work of the credit terms and work more on the quality of their loans, as well assaturation of the credit market and credit burden of the citizens.
Дамир   Damir Batullin
Head of Bank cards Unit, Binbank
Slower growth in the credit card market may indeed be due to a revision of the risk policy of the banks in respect to the decision making on credit cards. The banks began to approach more closely to the assessment of the clients. But please keep in mind the overall debt load of the population. Part of the customer will not be able to get the card, as already have an active credit obligations. In addition, reducing the growth factor can be substantially saturated card products in the purse of the active user.