Duties in Charge of Banks

Has the attitude of the credit card holders changed during the last few months to the matters of debt repayment?

Дмитрий  Dmitry Yurin
Deputy CEO, MDM Bank
We notice the changes; nonetheless, there is no certain trend in the market. Much will depend on the development of the macroeconomic situation and as a result, solvency of the customers.
Андрей  Andrey Maltsev
Deputy CEO, Norde Bank
Rising arrears is noticed in the banks, which sought to maximize the growth of credit card sales, without paying attention to the quality of such loans. The banks with a balanced risk policy do not have similar problems.
Дамир   Damir Batullin
Head of Bank cards Unit, Binbank
This issue depends on the bank risk policy for new customers. Due to the fact that recently many banks have changed their risk policy towards tightening –so they attract higher quality segment, which in turn reduces overdue portfolio and increases solvency on the issued loans. In addition, having a better offer, the bank is able to attract higher quality customers willing to pay their debts.