Duties in Charge of Banks

From January to October 2014 the credit card market grew by only 13.9%. Do banks see this as a threat?

Дмитрий  Dmitry Yurin
Deputy CEO, MDM Bank
Rather no than yes. It is clear that the growth rate of demand for credit products are reduced, competition is increasing, the market is "shrinking", nevertheless strong players continue to release new products, make interesting suggestions to customers, adapting product line, based on the needs of the client. Here I see a tightening of competition, so you need to keep the pace of time, offering customers exactly what they need at the moment.
Андрей  Andrey Maltsev
Deputy CEO, Norde Bank
I do not think that in this situation the "threat" is the correct term. Threat just might become the uncontrollable growth in demand. In this situation, the slowdown in dynamics suggests that the market tends to balance, which is necessary for normal balanced growth.
Дамир   Damir Batullin
Head of Bank cards Unit, Binbank
Banking products, like any other, cannot be sold with a constant efficiency. This maybe due either to external factors such as the economic situation in the country, the regulation policy etc., and the fact that the general interest of the consumer to a proposal may fade. Therefore, card products, their penetration and the tariffs are constantly refined and improved. Because of the saturation of card products, banks are beginning to work more actively with the portfolio of existing clients to motivate the attracted customers to use their cards.