ARB projects

  • EvaBeta Russia&CIS

    EvaBeta Russia&CIS

    • EvaBeta – is an independent company which owns advanced technologies on risk management
    • Evabeta’s overarching goal is the achievement of international leadership in the sphere of certified risk management
    • EvaBeta offers specialized innovative methods and technologies capable of measuring and assessing both financial and non-financial risks
    • Evabeta targets at creation of new tooling and means for managers and investors for valuation of quality of securities managed or owned by them
  • The National Bureau of Credit Histories

    The National Bureau of Credit Histories

    The NBCH is the largest company which operates in the market of credit histories of Russia. At present the database of credit histories of judicial and physical entities of NBCH includes over a thousand of addressees which is comparable to the aggregate number of indicators of all the rest of existing credit bureaux in RF taken together. Top 10 and top 100 Russian banks’ credit and finance organizations cooperate with NBCH.

  • The National Banking Club

    The National Banking Club

    New business contacts, get-togethers on issues of common interest, presentations of business projects and communication with state officials in an informal atmosphere of a cosy club. Aside from the mentioned: -gala events with participation of Russian and foreign elite, creative night-hangovers, sporting tournaments, corporate, family and VIP tourism as well as provision of services of personal assistants.

  • Security Service “AMULET”

    Security Service “AMULET”

    The limited liability company “Security Service Amulet” was founded in 1991. One of its initiators and founders was the Association of Russian Banks. The idea of establishment of this company in particular was dictated by the urgency of consolidated approaches of banking security subdivisions addressed to counteraction measures at infringements of criminals towards credit organizations. The distinctive peculiarity of services provided by SS “AMULET” is the fact that those do not substitute actions of such and such banks’ own security services but only in cases, when the need is there: - to reinforce particular bank’s capabilities for solution of emerged security problems.

  • The National Payments Council

    NPC has been established for unification of the participants of the Russian payments services and monetary transactions market. Its aim is to raise the efficiency of calculations through adoption of best known world-wide practices and advanced innovative technologies of payments and monetary transfers.

  • ARB Institute of Banking Business

    Workshops, trainings with participation of profound specialists, corporate programs of professional development in the Institute which is a member of the European Banking & Financial Services Training Association (EBTN).

  • FingramTV

    This is an Internet TV-channel on raising the financial literacy jointly founded by ARB and the TV-company ARB-TV “Banking television”. The main tasks of the project are: dissemination of a higher level of knowledge and information on financial products and services, rising the economic and entrepreneurship activeness among the population, organization of effective business information exchange between the regions of the country, support for the growth of social responsibility among the credit and finance establishments, etc.

  • National Price Free Discount System

    These are MasterCard or VISA cards from PriceFree to substitute dozens of different other club and discount cards, allowing cost reduction and other benefits at over a hundred of hotels, restaurants, stores, beauty shops, clubs and others throughout the country.

  • Interbank business partnership. Agent-to-agent collaboration

    This is a new trend for ARB – searching for business partners on behalf of credit organizations, otherwise: the institute of agent-to-agent relationships. This collaboration acts as an agreement between large and medium size Moscow and regional banks on the one hand with financially steady regional credit organizations on the other, in the process of introducing into the regions banking products and projects on the basis of gaining commission interests, development of interbank market payment systems (CHIPS) and other forms of cooperation. This will enable the Moscow banks to decentralize financial flows throughout the territory of Russia and to satiate the regions with banking services. Regional banks receive the possibility to cope with new technologies, preserve their self-sufficiency, step-by-step enlarge their resource basis and capitalization.

  • Charity. Sponsorship. Patronage

    The ARB project “Charity” serves for individuals’ requests and applications that call for support of the banking community. That is an opportunity to help those, who appeal to the banking community with their problems and troubles. On our behalf we are ready to tell about your noble deeds.

  • “The Best Banks of Russia” project

    The Association of Russian Banks jointly with All-Russian Quality Organization (ARQO) began the implementation of the Program “The Best Banks of Russia” in accordance with joint letter of the ARB President G.A. Tosunyan and the President of ARQO N.P. Voronin (outg.No. A-05/2-377 on 16.07.2013).

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