Management Chart

The Association of Russian Banks (ARB) is a non-governmental non-profit organization that unites commercial banks and other credit organizations, as well as organizations whose activities are related to the functioning of the Russian monetary and credit system.

The Association of Russian Banks has 656 members, including 440 credit institutions. Considering the associated members, the ARB has 762 participants, including 526 credit organizations.

The Founding Congress of the ARB was held in Moscow on March 27-28, 1991.

Today the Association cooperates with regional banking associations in 52 constituent entities of the Federation and with 18 representatives of the ARB in other regions of Russia.

The Association of Russian Banks made a significant contribution to the creation of the National Foreign Exchange Association and the National Plastic Cards Association.

The Association is one of the co-founders of the Moscow Interbank Currency Exchange, the Moscow Clearing Center, the “Interbank Center for Management Problems” Foundation, the Moscow International Finance and Banking School, the ARB Institute of Banking Business, the Information Support Center for Banking and Entrepreneurship of the Institute of Scientific Information for Social Sciences of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the non-state pension fund “Blago”, Club of heads of banking services of public relations and advertising.

The supreme management body of the Association is the General Assembly (Congress) of the Association. Any questions of the organization and activities of the Association may be considered at the Congress.

At the same time, the exclusive competence of the Congress includes:

  • the right to make changes and additions to the Charter of Association;
  • approval of the Charter in a new version;
  • decision-making on the reorganization or liquidation of the Association;
  • election of the President, members of the Council and members of the Audit Commission of the Association, early termination of their powers;
  • approval of the annual report on the activities of the Association;
  • definition of the principles of formation and use of the Association’s property;
  • consideration of applications of Members for appealing against decisions of the Council on their exclusion from the Association.

The work of the Congress is headed by the President or by his order one of the Vice-Presidents.

In the intervals between the Congresses, the supreme management body of the Association is the Council. The Council is formed from the number of candidatures proposed by the Members of the Association elected by the Congress for a period of five years, and from ex officio heads of regional banking associations, members of the All-Russian Council of Regional Banking Associations. The Council is headed by the President. The Council consists of Vice-Presidents and members of the Council.

In the period between meetings of the Council, matters within the competence of the Council are considered and decided by the Presidium of the Council. The Presidium of the Council is headed by the President. The Presidium of the Council consists of Vice-Presidents and Council members elected by the Council.

The Executive Board is a permanent collegial executive body of the Association, accountable to the Congress and the Council. The competence of the Executive Board includes resolving any issues related to the financial and business and other activities of the Association, which are not referred to the exclusive competence of other management bodies of the Association.

The Executive Board is headed by the President. The Executive Board also includes Executive Vice-Presidents, the Financial Director, the Chief Accountant, and the heads of the specialized working bodies of the Association by the decision of the Executive Board. Heads of structural subdivisions of the establishment of the Executive Board can participate in meetings of the Executive Board with the right of deliberative vote.

The President of the Association is the sole executive body of the Association. The President is elected by the Congress for a period of five years. The President acts on behalf of the Association without a power of attorney, including represents its interests in relations with legal entities and individuals in the Russian Federation and abroad, concludes contracts, agreements and other transactions on behalf of the Association.

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