The Association of Russian Banks (ARB) 

A non-governmental and non-profit organization which represents the interests of Russian Banking community.

Founded in March 1991 and for more than two decades of its work has united 53% of banking institutions.

At present the Association collaborates with regional banking unions of 32 Federal entities and with 8 ARB representative offices based in other regions of Russia. The Association of Russian Banks has 267 members, including 168 credit institutions. All major Russian banks are among the members of ARB, the "big four" auditing companies, 19 representation offices of foreign banks, and 5 banks with foreign investments participation in founding capitals of those.

On October 7, 2002, at the First All-Russian conference of banking unions, the General Agreement on the consolidation of the efforts of banking unions to develop and strengthen the Banking System of the Russian Federation was signed. Currently 71 members joined this Agreement.

Goals and objectives

The history of commercial banks in the newest history of Russia began in 1988, when 25 cooperative and commercial banks were organized during the year. A year later they were already 137, and since then the problem of protection of interests of the banking community emerged. In August 1989, the Moscow Banking Union was founded and in 1990 - the Russian Bank Union.

By the end of March 1991 upon the initiative of the two banking unions sponsored by the Leningrad Association of Banks the Congress of commercial and cooperative banks of the Russian Soviet Federal Republic took place in Moscow. At the Congress the representatives of banking union decided to reorganize the Russian Banking Union into the Association of Russian Banks which united 65 commercial and cooperative banks. Over the past two decades the quantity of those sufficiently increased. Now the ARB is one of the largest associations of financial and credit organizations in Russia having 248 members.

The order of entry

To obtain membership of the ARB, please, apply to the Department for relations with banks and banking unions of the Association: Tel .: (495) 691-77-88 e-mail: info@arb.ru

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