Опубликованы Предложения по работе Российско-Британской рабочей группы по банковско-финансовым вопросам

To: Members of the RBCC Banking Working Group

Date: 22 January 2003

Dear RBCC Banking Group Members


As promised, I am attaching the minutes form the first meeting of the group. I trust that they reflect accurately the discussions and decisions, but please do let Susannah Clarke know if there are any errors.

A shared view emerged that the Banking Group is a good mechanism for regular identification of ideas and that these then need to be formulated as concrete actions for group members to shape and, where appropriate, act upon. Thank you to those members who have already written in with suggestions.

I am therefore taking this opportunity to summarise what I see as the three concrete ideas emerging from the recent meeting. They are starting points towards addressing some of the substantial issues reviewed at the meeting.

I hope very much that members will respond with improvements to these ideas, with new ideas and making clear where possible the extent and form in which they would be willing to play a role in making things happen.

More generally I think there was agreement that, possibly by timing the next meeting to coincide with the Russia Economic Forum in April, the Group should seek to invite some of the senior visitors to UK at that time to participate in the Group meeting in order to make them aware of the Banking Group and its activities.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Best Wishes
Godfrey Cromwell
Executive Director RBCC

Minutes of 13 Jan Meeting
Draft Activities Plan

These draft activities emerged as areas of interest form the Banking Group meeting in London on 13 January 2003.

1. Mergers and Acquisitions in the Russian Banking Sector


This process is not well understood, and often feared, by many of the numerous banks in Russia. It seems inevitable however that a substantial amount of M&A will take place in the next few years. Successful mergers are not only about the process of merger, but also the post-merger change implementation It was the view of the Group that the long-standing UK experience in this field should be made available to Russian banks.

Overall Objective:

to assist a well-ordered and positive M&A process
to ensure success of post-merger processes in adding value to the merged entity

Immediate Objective

to broaden understanding, share experience and build contacts

Possible actions

Series of focussed seminars in Moscow/St P/elsewhere for Russian banks to meet with UK banks and others with relevant expertise.

RBCC Group Input

RBCC could organise the events and secure participants in consultation with the Group and via our Moscow office
Banking Group members are invited to participate as they feel most appropriate.
Banking Group members are invited to suggest participants and particular areas of detailed interest
One or more UK events for visiting groups of Russian banks might also be suitable.
Sponsorship would be sought.

2. Regulation of the Russian Banking and Finance Sector


This is an area in which Russia is as yet relatively inexperienced.
The demands made on the regulatory bodies are substantial and increasing.
It is in the interests of Russia, and of the banks themselves, that the regulatory process is supported.
The Russian banks have practical experience of the difficulties and suggestions for improvement
Supervision of privatisations is a related area of considerable importance to the Russian state and economy.


Overall objective;

To assist the Russian regulatory authorities in broadening their experience of, and access to information about, regulatory processes to maximise transparency, fairness and propriety.

Immediate objective:

To arrange a suitable series of events for regulators and bankers to meet in order to:
- Share each others perspectives in order to identify the key bottlenecks and blindspots
- share knowledge and discuss options for resolving these
- agree a plan of action, including any UK assistance that may be requested.

Possible action

One or more working meetings in Moscow and London for regulators and bankers with the above objectives

RBCC Group Input

RBCC could, in co-ordination with the Group, organise the events and secure participants.
Banking Group members are invited to participate as they feel most appropriate.
Banking Group members are invited to suggest participants and particular areas of detailed interest
One or more UK events for visiting groups of Russian banks might also be suitable.
Sponsorship would be sought.

3. Creation of a forum for exchange of experience and information


There is a need for an easily accessible forum where banking sector, rating agencies, regulators and other interested parties can share information and enable convergence.

For example, regulatory bodies need to understand clearly what they should be asking for from banks and the ability access information, find relevant contacts and pose questions about a particular situation would be of assistance in building internationally recognised standards and practices.

Overall objective:

To enable increased and time-efficient dissemination of new information and provide a forum for debate and contact-making in the banking sector.

Immediate objective:

To determine the most effective form of such communication, a website has been suggested.

Possible actions:

More research is required into what already exits and how this could be more/most effectively incorporated into anything new
Establishment of a web-based chat facility
Publicity for the facility Subsequent monitoring, editorial functions and site management

RBCC Group Input:

Group members may wish to suggest how this project could best be taken forward.

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